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Throughout the book, Andy refers to many different resources and stories from his and others' journeys. 
Want to learn about the Good Wolf? 
Why did Andy cry at the end of his epic Tour de France journey? 
Which was harder - riding the Tour or quitting drinking? 
Andy reveals all in his emails.
Audios & Videos from Andy
There are powerful extra resources you can draw on to make this journey to transforming your relationship with alcohol a voyage of self - discovery like no other. There are key audios and videos that cannot be shared in print and will make a MASSIVE difference to you. Why does the online programme have a99% success rate. Find out why NOW.
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  • Worksheets: From the Life Balance Disc to planning tools.
  • Resources: Social Media Groups, Further Reading, Personal Growth Tools
  • Work with Andy: Tap into Andy's experience of his own journey and helping 1000's of others achieve FREEDOM from alcohol dependence 1-1.

A Year ago today! A whole year without a drop of alcohol and with 100% clarity that alcohol will never be in my life again (through choice not restriction). Thank you Andy xx"
- Janine,  UK
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