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Want To Control your Drinking?
24 Actionable Steps You Can Take TODAY.

Proven, Practical Steps You Can Put Into Action NOW

From Alcohol Addict To
Tour De France Cyclist

Hi, I'm Andy Smith.

I had an award-winning and record-breaking career in healthcare that was fuelled by a "work hard, play hard" attitude (AKA, lots of alcohol.)

Over time it became unsustainable, and my physical and mental health suffered. I felt like I tried everything (my GP, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, AA,) and nothing seemed to work for more than a day.

One day after 1 bloodshot eye inducing binge too many, I looked in the mirror and decided that a change was needed.
I started to look at myself differently and wondered if the tools that made me so successful at influencing others could work on me, so I went on a journey to use myself as a test subject, and it worked.

I’d relied on the wrong people for too long, and I knew the solution ALL along. This had a HUGE impact on me. After seeing the change it had in my life, I HAD to know if it could work on others. And it did!

I overcame something that I was convinced was impossible… What else could I do?

With the FREEDOM Programme I turned myself from an overweight “walking heart attack” to the fittest I’ve ever been, overcoming the world's toughest challenges (Including the Tour de France.)

Unlike AA leaders or GPs, I understand exactly what you're going through because I was there. I know that this system works because I've completed it myself. It changed my life.

And now it can change yours!

I’ve Helped 6,000+ People Already:

“I Feel Better, Look Better, And Have MONEY”

“I’ve done it in my 4th week, and it’s amazing. I feel better, look better, and have MONEY. I’m taking a holiday in September for 3 months.”

“I’ve Been Alcohol-Free For 1 Year”

“Thanks, Andy, for putting together the right information in the right format to get that penny to drop for me. I’ve been alcohol-free for 1 year.”

“A WAY Better Time Than Drinking”

"I did it. I did 2 days of walking, covering 35 miles, and I also got a 5k run in. Thanks for the supportive comments. I had a WAY better time than if I'd been drinking."

make the decision to change 
your life today

As Well As The Download, You Will get A Personal Invitation To A Free Web Training, Where Andy Shows You How He Reclaimed His Life from Alcohol.

make the decision to change your life today

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